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DDRMenu 2.0 (and DotNetNuke 6.0)

July 19, 2011

Yes, DDRMenu 2.0 is released and available for download from CodePlex. Now, I’m going to put this at the top so you don’t skim past it:

If your site is already using DDRMenu, upgrade to v2.0 BEFORE you upgrade to DotNetNuke v6.0!

The reason for this is that DDRMenu moved into the DotNetNuke namespace between v1 and v2. In a normal upgrade, DDRMenu checks your site for old binaries and namespace references and removes or renames them accordingly. However, if you upgrade via the DotNetNuke upgrade package, this step doesn’t happen and so there is a good chance that your skin will no longer work. Of course, if you do have problems then as long as you can get to the Host Extensions page then upgrading after the event should still sort you out.

Now, with that out of the way, I’d just like to thank Joe Brinkman and Keivan Beigi for their code contributions, Charles Nurse and the whole DotNetNuke QA team for pointing out the undocumented features, and Armand Datema for the first community contribution to the template repository on CodePlex.

v2.0.1 will no doubt be along in a day or two once everyone’s started playing with the new toys, and v2.1 with ASCX templates and extra internationalisation friendliness isn’t too far away, but in the meantime, have fun!

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  1. July 21, 2011 22:20

    Woot! “ASCX templates… isn’t too far away”

  2. Chad Zenner permalink
    July 29, 2011 15:30

    Hi Mark, great work on the menu. Works very well in new installs of DNN 6. However, I’m struggling to get the new admin/host menu found in DNN 6 to be used in upgraded sites. I’ve installed v2 of the DDR menu but I don’t know how to get it to use the new ribbon bar instead of the old. Suggestions? Thanks much.

    • July 31, 2011 20:28

      Hi Chad, I’m afraid that’s not one I can answer off the top of my head – the ribbon bar’s not really my area. I suggest you head off to the forums and ask there if you haven’t already.

  3. Jason permalink
    August 8, 2011 19:48

    Mark, I was excited to learn about a CSS driven menu being tagged as the standard menu for DNN going forward and I am currently attempting to implement. The customization seems really powerful but have run into two big issues that I’m hoping you can help to resolve.

    1) Inability to display a child menu that includes the parent. I have only been able to display a root menu with all the children, or only the children of the selected node without the parent heading.
    (All other root level parents are hidden)

    2) Inability to tag the parent of the current page as selected. I am able to tag the current page as selected, but not its parents or ancestors.

    I’m sure I could solve these issues with javascript but if that is my only option I’ll just use my old standby Snapsis menu module.

    • August 8, 2011 21:42

      Again, this isn’t really the best place to handle support queries. Can I ask that you raise this in the DotNetNuke forums? Also, when you do, if you can specify which template you’re working with and clarify what you mean by tagging a page as selected then that would help. Thanks!

  4. November 25, 2011 14:40

    Awesome news. We are considering to implement DDRMenu in current dnn5 or upgrade it to DNN6 with built-in DDRMenu alternatively. Anyway I thought that the upgrade should be a good choice and dnn6 included lots of awesome features, such as mobile API. 🙂

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