Use the cloud, Luke! (For #HackTheHub AI and ML)

If you’re going to #HackTheHub this weekend, you’re probably considering using cloud AI/ML services to get a bit of a head start. Azure of course has a whole heap of services for Artifical Intelligence, Machine Learning and bots, and a pretty generous free plan to get you started. However, if your plans are grand enough that the free plan might not cover your needs, just get in touch with me via the #HackTheHub Slack (or find me on the day) and I’ll kit you out with enough extra free processing to get you through the weekend.

Hello MVP

So you become an MVP, so you need to get listed in places, so you need a website, so you need a blog, so you need a blog post. This is that blog post. Will future blog posts be more enlightening? There’s only one way to find out …